Looking for a definition of Public Service Media’s value: a tenable and adaptable proposal


Autoría: Marta Rodríguez-Castro, Azahara Cañedo

Congreso Internacional: IAMCR Beijin 2022

Enlace congreso: https://iamcr.org/beijing2022/online

Libro de resúmenes: https://iamcr.org/beijing2022/abstract-books

Abstract: The current global media scenario, dominated by private transnational conglomerates, brings the debate on PSM back to the forefront, forcing them to redefine their distinctive
value (Van Dijck et al, 2018; Fuchs & Unterberger, 2021). Although there has been a remarkable comeback of the “public value paradigm” in Europe (see the German ARD, the
Swiss SRG SRR or the British BBC), the debate needs to be rethought from a global perspective. This paper approaches the challenge of establishing a tenable public value definition for public interest media (PIM) beyond Western and Southern Europe. The method departs from a document analysis of European PSM’s regulation and corporate communication, and then develops a guided focus group with Spanish experts. The results allowed us to draft a definition of PSM’s public value, which, although built from the European experience, is adaptable to the diverse contexts within which different types of PIM operate worldwide.

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